We offer a wide range of trips and visits to all of our students. The Ace day programme allows many students to participate in both day trips and longer residential experiences. A full Ace day option booklet for July will be published later in the academic year. However, information on some of the longer trips has already been issued to parents.

There are also many trips that take place as part of the curriculum, for example history students will visit a significant location as part of their programme of study.

Proposed trips for this academic year, subject to change, are shown below.



Provisional cost

23rd September

Year 10 - 13 da Vinci Exhibition


27th September

Year 13 British Library and Archives


7th October

Year 13 Florence/Pisa Trip


22nd - 26th October

Year 13 Morocco


4th November

Year 10 ASPIRE Oxford University


4th November

Year 12 and 13 Imperial Collage London - maths


6th November

Year 12 and 13 Warwick University - sociology


22nd November

Year 11 World Skill Show UK Live


31st January - 2nd February

Year 12 and 13 Munich PE Trip


3rd - 6th February

Year 10,12 and 13 MFL trip to Barcelona


6th February

Year 9 Stratford Trip


6th February

Year 9 Globe Theatre Trip


11th February

Year 8 National Holocaust Centre trip


14th - 20th February

Year 12 and 13 Washington DC


27th March

Year 12 A Level Geography trip


3rd -10th July

Year 10 Vietnam Trip


6th -10th July

Year 10 Geography Italy Trip


6th -10th July

Year 12 Berlin residential


6th -10th July

Year 9 Tour of China


6th -9th July

Year 10 Malaga


8th -10th July

Year 10 Krakow


Please click on the link below for the School Trip Consent Form.

Educational Visits and Journeys Consent Form | PDF

Charging For School Activities

Since the enactment of the Education Reform Act 1988 the governors of Ousedale School have, following consultation, produced a full policy statement on charging regulations. This detailed document can be viewed using the link below.

Charging and Remissons Policy | PDF

While we have to operate within the regulations it is felt that activities and materials should continue to be available for our children so that they can enjoy a full range of educational opportunities. In some circumstances the school may request parents to pay an appropriate contribution on a voluntary basis. Under this arrangement no child may be excluded from an activity on the grounds that his/her parent is unwilling or unable to pay the voluntary contribution. However, parents should recognise that there will be some activities which it will be impossible to provide if sufficient numbers of voluntary contributions are not made.


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