Labour Market Information

At Ousedale School the Careers Department uses Labour Market Information to help students plan their career path.

What is Labour Market information (LMI)?

Labour market information is information relating to the world of work, employment trends, job roles and job availability. It includes a wide variety of data and analysis related to employment and the workforce.

How can Labour Market Information (LMI) be used?

You can use this information to find out about different job roles and the sectors that these roles are in.  It will allow you to identify the skills and qualifications that are required for particular job roles, so you can plan your career path.

Why is it important?

Looking at LMI is an important way for you to develop your knowledge of different job roles that are available and the career paths that can be taken. From this information you will develop an awareness of the local and national job growth sectors, allowing you to make informed decisions about your future aspirations.  By using LMI you will be able to plan realistic goals relating to your choice of career and aspirations.